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(SCHOOL YEAR 2023/2024)
to be adjusted based on registrations


Bus AM (Columbus - WEA)

Bus PM (WEA- Broadway)

Upper West Side families contract with ARJ Transportation to run a parents' sponsored community school bus service that provides daily transportation for NEST+m students residing on Upper West Side to and from school during the school year. 

Each year, volunteer bus coordinators (NEST+m parents whose kids ride the bus) work with the bus company to set up routes & calculate riding costs to secure bus services for upcoming school year.

2023/2024 school year bus registration is now open. Please click on "Registration Form - 2023-2024" button to fill out and submit your request. To reach parent coordinators with additional questions please use "Contact us" button below.

Please click here for the coordinators' and the bus company contact information.

If routes do not show, please try using Internet Explorer

Last updated July 29, 2018

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